Ethiopia Chaka by Gesha Village

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Geisha coffee has made waves as being a transplant coffee from Gesha Ethiopia into different areas of Central and South America, praised for its amazing flavor and it's record breaking price point (recently a lot being the most expensive coffee ever traded at over $600/lb green). 

Enter the coffee producers: Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton who started out making a documentary about coffee and ended up creating the Gesha Village in Ethiopia. While other geisha coffees have had long histories of once having origin in Gesha, Ethiopia, Rachel and Adam have been able to produce wild geisha coffee from the source of all it's glory, in Gesha, Ethiopia! 

Like many other geisha coffees you may come across, this coffee is amazing. Dry aromas of stone fruit are all over as you grind this coffee. In the cup, we taste some intense apricot juice, a nice honey like viscosity, and a very floral mouthfeel.

Unlike many other geisha coffees you may come across, this coffee will not break the bank, as it is not as risky to grow this coffee in it's native area (as it would be much more risky for a Central or South American farmer to take on a foreign varietal of coffee in their own climate/terroir...hence the heavy price tag). But don't let the average price fool you. This is no ordinary coffee! This is geisha coffee FROM Gesha Ethiopia. Let that sink it. Geisha FROM Gesha! It's a trip and so worth getting. 

Tastes like:

apricot, honey, hibiscus




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