Guatemala Patzun

Guatemala Patzun

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If you've had Guatemalan coffees in the past, you might generalize them as being nutty and chocolaty...and that's it. Well, prepare to get your taste buds smacked around a few times. Also, let that be a lesson to you generalizing things like you know them. Who are you anyway? The king of Guatemalan coffee? Is that your gift to mankind? Your ability to generalize how Guatemalan coffee tastes like? Well, boo-hoo to you cuz this coffee is different! No joke, it's super complex. We deduced it down to tasting like a strawberry jolly rancher, with that macadamia sweetness (think in cookie format) and a nice easy chocolaty finish. We also picked up hints of grape, grapefruit, and mayan spiced chocolate. It's ridiculous. Get it. 


Tastes like:

strawberry hard candy, macadamia, chocolate



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